Do Good.
Be Good.

Bear Good Fruit

Our Mission

Bear Good Fruit

Bear Good Fruit Inc is a tax exempt non-profit organization that builds sustainable vegan communities centered around healing and art. Utilizing earth centered healing modalities like gardening and plant medicine in conjunction with therapy, shamanism, and body work, Bear Good Fruit heals those who need it (the homeless, addicted, and mentally ill*).

Our mission is to create a relative peace of non-murderous violence amongst all humans on earth. We know that the path to peace is peace itself. The more peaceful we act the more peaceful we become. 

Built from the bottom up, Bear Good Fruit makes the light decision at all levels.

Treating all beings with ample compassion is essential to reaching the level of peace required for world peace.

*We will initially use 75% of our donations to improve jails, mental institutions, and prisons to provide the incarcerated with organic vegan meals, cannabis, supplements, plant medicine, super clean water, and improved conditions.




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